Thursday, January 31, 2013

ALL of liz's itunes on shuffle today

(1) All my Life (K-Ci & JoJo)
        -- One of the best intros ever
        -- Why have I not listened to this song for like 5 years?

(2) Sexy Plexi (Jack Johnson)
        -- Reminds me of Summer 2007 in my lab...analyzing data...8 h a day...with Jack Johnson playing all day every day

(3) Everyone (Backstreet Boys)
        -- from "Black and Blue"...the first cd I ever purchased.

(4) Felicity (Sense and Sensibility Soundtrack)
        -- I love my Jane Austen movie soundtracks. Great for studying back in the day.

(5) Myth America (Liz Story)
        -- A little New Age piano music. Love.

(6) She's My Kind of Rain (Tim McGraw)
        -- I feel like almost any boy could woo me with this song. (Perhaps an exaggeration. At least any cute boy)

(7) Seize the Day (Newsies)
        -- Gotta represent my love of musicals on the shuffle line-up.

(8) Thriller (Michael Jackson)
        -- Love MJ.

(9) Sonata No 7 in D Major (Beethoven)
        -- No one beats Beethoven.

(10) All I Want is You (U2)
        -- Classic.

(11) (Secretly A*Teens popped up next...let's pretend this didn't happen.)

(12) Things People Say (Lady Antebellum)
       -- I've been on a Lady A kick this week.

(13) I Feel My Savior's Love (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)
       -- :)

Just thought I'd give you a taste of the randomness that is my itunes. Love music.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

thank heaven for my fishing licence and manual door locks

What a morning! I needed to renew my driver's licence. I was so proud that I had filled out the application online and made an appointment so it would go smoothly and quickly.

FAIL #1: I walk out my door and realize it has snowed AGAIN and the roads are covered. This isn't really a big deal, except I hadn't planned extra time for this. Result? I am about 20 min late to my appointment after creeping along I-15 trying not to die as my little car slid around.

FAIL #2: I walk into the driver's licence place a little flustered since I hate being late. I walk up to the counter and hand them my application. "Do you have your documents?" ....awkward silence... "Documents?" Yep, turns out there were detailed instructions on the application that I failed to read. This is where I started feeling like the clueless girl that the workers at the counter would roll their eyes and laugh about after I left. Luckily I had most of the necessary documents with me in my purse. "Do you have proof of address?" Hmm...I remembered I checked the mail last night and left it in my car so I told her I'd go check my car quick. (I'm sure she thought I was super incompetent.)  Unfortunately, all the mail was for my roommates.

TENDER MERCY #1: Starting to panic, I check my wallet one more time. I find a reimbursement check with my address on it and my fishing licence that I had forgotten was in there, also containing my address. Relieved, I headed back inside and gave the lady all the necessary documents.

FAIL #3: As she is paper-clipping all my documents together, I start to panic as I realize I am not holding my car keys. I ask the lady if I handed her my car keys. She looked at me like I really was crazy. "No ma'am, I do not have your keys. Do you want to go look for them?" "Yeah, I should probably go look for them...I'll be right back!" I check the snow-filled parking lot along the path I had walked. Nothing. I get back to my car and peek in the window...and there they are! They are sitting nicely on the seat. I try the door. Locked. I try another door. Locked. And another. Locked. I start talking to myself, "It's all good Liz...don't stress...we'll just call roadside will laugh about this later!"

TENDER MERCY #2: I try the 4th's unlocked! I am officially so glad I don't have power lock doors! I get my keys and head back inside.

I get my picture taken. I get my temporary licence until my real one arrives. I drive away legal.

FAIL #4: Noooo parking at BYU.

TENDER MERCY #3: Someone pulls out of their spot right as I drive up.

TENDER MERCY #4: As I walk to my lab, I pass a guy with headphones on. He is BELTING out "I've got the magic in me" know, the version from Pitch Perfect. Made my day that much better.

So today has left me super grateful for my fishing licence and my little car with no power locks. And people that sing with their headphones on. And life.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today I am grateful...

(1) to have my mom here from Russia!
(2) for my fat curling iron
(3) that baby Ivan got to come home :)
(4) for our new mounted punching bag in the living room
(5) that I got to watch my mom experience an American grocery store for the first time in a long time (she was in HEAVEN)
(6) for Philippians 4:6-12 and2 Nephi 4:33-35
(7) that Steph has a new desire to document all the crazy things we do with her new video camera
(8) for my birthday itunes gift cards...which were spent in about 4 minutes

my BIRTHDAY adventures!

For my birthday, Steph took me to get my hair dyed for the first time! (Well, last year, we dyed it darker on my birthday...but we just used a cheapo box and it faded after a couple weeks.) I was SO nervous but now that I've gotten used to it, I LOVE IT. Thanks Steph :)



The next day!

My family and I will be celebrating my birthday late since my mom just got in from Russia (YAY!) but my birthday was pretty great thanks to good friends. Friday night I went to Salt Lake to have dinner with my good friends Maddie, Audra, William, Chris, Will, and Matt. I love that the years fly by but my friends are always there. Saturday I had a breakfast/lunch with some good friends in my ward. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of these two parties. Annie was a sweetheart and drove all the way from Salt Lake to have dinner with me on my birthday. Thanks Annie!! Oh and also...on Saturday, my friend Jay took Steph, Tracy, and I up in a little airplane. IT WAS AWESOME. Jay is such a great pilot it wasn't even scary. I have great friends!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the best birthday present ever!

Today, Abby and Ryan gave me the best birthday present I've ever gotten...a brand new nephew! Isn't it amazing how much you can love someone the instant you meet them?

I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to hold this little man before he headed off to the NICU. I can't wait to hold my little Ivan again!

Mad props to Abby and Ryan for creating such a beautiful little miracle (especially Abby with the whole childbirth hero)!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Liz's 2012

The years seem like they're flying by these days! I can't help but feel a little pensive as we send out the old year and welcome a new one. How will I remember this one?

2012 was a year of science!
I had two papers published this year! I am the first author on both and they will be the first 2/3rds of my dissertation. 

2012 was the year I completed my comprehensive exam for my PhD!
Completing the written portion was probably the most stressful month of my life, and completing the two hour oral portion was probably the best feeling EVER.

2012 was a year of travel!
SEATTLE with Diane to see our dear friends John and Rosemary sealed in the temple!
ST GEORGE and VEGAS with Steph and Kelli for my birthday! This one was a mystery until we were in the car on the way there.
SAN DIEGO with my lab to present at a conference.
BEAR LAKE with William, Mitch, and Alyssa for some intense four-wheeling and jet skiing.
SAN ANTONIO to see Jenny, Jonathan, James, and Ella!! This included a night camping on a beautiful beach...such a sweet visit.
HELSINKI, FINLAND with Mom and Dad! It was my first time out of the US and a wonderful place to see my Papa for the first time in a year (Mom traveled with me since she came home for Grandma's funeral).
A brief but exciting layover in MOSCOW, RUSSIA!
And a fantastic 3 weeks in NOVOSIBIRSK, KRASNOYARSK, TOMSK, and BARNAUL, RUSSIA with my amazing parents! There are no words to describe how incredible this experience was.
And lastly, DISNEYLAND with Steph and Marissa! This one was also a surprise! They didn't tell me where we were going until we were about to enter security at the airport. I am so lucky.

2012 was the year I lost Grandma Glenn.
I'm so grateful I know I will get her back someday!

2012 was the year of Darrell!
I was the lucky girl who got to date this guy and thus catch my first fish, go to my first RSL game, discover the exciting world of podcasts and homemade salsa, and experience all kinds of other adventures.

2012 was the year I became the activities cochair in my ward!
This has been a lot of work, but I have had so much fun and made so many wonderful friends! I've also learned how to feed 150 at a time and how to grill the perfect hot dog.

2012 was a year of some firsts!
First time dying my hair.
First time being a soccer coach.
First time running a half marathon without really training.

2012 was the year I got to team-teach PDBio 120 at BYU!
Loved. Every. Minute.

2012 was the year Annie, Abby, Ryan, and I bonded! A lot.
Holidays, birthdays, random hang-outs, the good times never end. Ron sure is a champ to put up with 3 girls all the time.

2012 was the only entire year I was Josh-less.
Man I miss this guy.

What's coming up in 2013? I will get 2 new nephews. Josh will come home. I will graduate with a PhD. I will get a real grown-up job teaching college (hopefully). I will likely move. Seems kind of intense eh? I guess I'll git 'er done the same way I did 2012, one beautiful day at a time!