Thursday, May 24, 2012


Meet Liz, the woman...

This may or may not be the story of Liz catching her first fish EVER.

She's not excited or anything.

 Meet Gill.

We intended to keep him alive and set him free,
but Gill swallowed the hook :(

After having the hook ripped out,
(yeah that doesn't sound painful does it?)
Gill's little gills were still struggling to work,
so we thought we'd put him back in the water to see if he could bounce back.

Meet gutless Gill.

The End.


How gorgeous is this? Wow, I'm a lucky girl to see scenes like this one.

Monday, May 7, 2012

note to self

Dear Liz,

Next time you go 4 wheeling up hobble creek canyon, don't leave your cell phone in your back pocket. It will not still be there when the ride is over. You may never find it again. You may have to go to T-mobile tomorrow and buy a new phone. You may be sad about his :( Just wanted to warn you,


"are you married?"

Well I keep procrastinating blogging about this because it was so funny at the time that I worried I wouldn't be able to do it justice. Oh well, I'll just pretend that my readers will catch the hilarity of this moment despite my lack of talent for writing.

(Sidenote: I'm trying really hard to capitalize "I" and write in full sentences because it bugs Steph when I don't. So Stephanie, this is for YOU!)

Okay, so last week a group of us went over to help a girl in our ward move. I had heard she needed help cleaning so I think I assumed everything was all packed up and we'd just do the deep cleaning. However, I arrived to discover that virtually NO packing had been done yet. Not only that, but let's just say there was a lot of stuff...everywhere...and it all had to be out that night. It was one of those overwhelming moments when I did not think the task ahead was possible. So, being Liz, I turned to Sara and Tara (who were beginning to box up the kitchen) and said, "Do we need more boxes?? I'll go get more boxes!" (hence appearing super helpful while really just wanting the easy job). Sara immediately said, "I'll come with you!" which left Tara..."I guess I'll stay here..." poor Tara.

So off Sara and I went on our grand box-acquiring adventure. First stop: "Dirty Allens" luck. Every store near the mall...negative. Never discouraged, we decided Walmart might be our best best...but who wants to drive all the way to Springville if they're not really going to have boxes right? Unfortunately, Sara and I are both in the stone age and don't get internet on our phones. However, Sara is a genius and texted google...BAM we got Walmart's number. We're so good. So Sara calls and talks to a super helpful person who tells us to go to the produce section and they'll have boxes for us! Sweet! Off we went.

Enter: super nice Walmart worker in the produce section...a spanish-speaker.

Our friend took us to the back and loaded up a cart with banana boxes. He even offered us tape! We were trying to decide how many boxes would fit in my little car, and I guess we were discussing like a married couple because the next thing our friend asks us is, "Are you married??" Did this guy think we were married to EACH OTHER?? That was definitely what we both thought when he asked us...but I'm going to assume he just thought Sara was super cute and wanted to know if she was available... Well that's pretty much the story... now that I've typed it all out I still think it was a you-had-to-be-there moment, but man it was funny! So was the trek back to the car with this huge cart loaded up with banana boxes...not to mention the next few hours packing and cleaning up that house... and watching Tara clean out that fridge...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ward talent show

well tonight was our ward talent show! steph and i wanted to do a little something...and for some reason we decided to reenact this commercial:

who knows if people thought it was funny...but we sure cracked ourselves up...and that's all that matters right? :)