Monday, April 15, 2013

...and then my phone fell in the toilet...

Once upon a time I was at a Relief Society activity. As we were all eating cinnamon rolls at the end, I took a little trip to the ladies room. After entering my stall, I realized my phone was in my back pocket (where it often resides). I removed it and placed it on the lid of the trash can on the side of the wall, which was slightly sloped. Luckily my phone has a rubber case on it, so even with the slightly sloped surface, my phone was secure...right? Next thing I know, I heard the familiar sound of my phone I hear a *plop!* as my phone falls into the toilet!! The vibrations caused the phone to slide from its secure location, down the sloped lid, a perfect trajectory to the water below. As I look down, I see my sister Annie's face lighting up the screen as the phone continues ringing and descending to the bottom of the toilet bowl. Good times friends, good times. Good still works!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it has begun...

Dissertation writing.

I am 26 pages in and secretly enjoying it.


Also...Snow College invited me to interview next week! Ephraim here I come. :)