Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did I mention I'm GETTING MARRIED?

Remember how I have a blog? Yep, I had almost forgotten. I thought I should update it for one important reason...

I'M ENGAGED! Meet Ben Bailey:

Ben is . . .
*Handsome (as you can see)
*Tall (6'1"... you know just a tad taller than I am)
*Kind (the kindest...seriously)
*Goofy (life with Ben is fun)
*Finishing up a specialist degree in School Psychology (interning right now at a Jr. High! Mr. Bailey is legit)
*A PhD student in Counseling Psychology at BYU (he is one smart cookie)
*A good taker-care-of (evidence: my gallbladder surgery and his insistence that I drink TONS of water whenever I get sick...it helps!)
*An early riser (he is good for me)
*Comfy (no comfier place than cuddling with Ben)
*Part of a seriously AWESOME family (lucky me to inherit them!)
*Compassionate (most Christlike man!)
*Courageous (Ben is not a crowd-follower and he stands up for what he believes)
*A deep thinker (he has a gift of looking at things from every angle and seeing the complexity in everything)
*Funny (love laughing with Ben)
*A seriously talented musician (gifted songwriter!)
*An amazing chef (and he's nice enough to feed me a LOT)
*Thoughtful (I get home at 9 pm after administering a final and he's got a candlelit dinner prepared)
*Patient (moody rollercoaster Liz? he loves me anyway)
*A great listener (it's a gift)
*All mine :)

Lucky. Me.


Tracy Mills said...

Hooray! You finally blogged, and what a great blogpost. I'm so glad that I can say I was cheering for this from the start. I love you guys together. What a great couple. Love you both.

Kim said...

So excited for you! Wish we could be there! :)

Kristina Bills said...

OH MY TALL!! haha and congrats!!!