Friday, December 30, 2011

2011...looking back :)

let's 2011, I....

*started back up at BYU (after a 21 month hiatus) to finish my master's degree

*moved in with total strangers that became great friends :)
 Stephanie, Mandy, and Chelsea

*ran a 10k, 3 half marathons, and a 5k!

*flew to San Antonio to see the Bosters twice! the 2nd time around I got to meet my niece Ella Bay :)

*took a trip to Baltimore, MA with the lab to present my research

*witnessed my little brother receive his endowment in the Salt Lake Temple...first time the whole family got to go together!

*said goodbye to Josh for 2 years! lucky mexico :)

*went to Abby's graduation!

*played with the fam a lot :)

*shipped my parents off to the MTC and then to SIBERIA

*bought a laptop

*fell in love....with skype ;-)

*decided to switch to the PhD program and got accepted

*took pretty pictures of cells (at BYU and UC Irvine)

*had way too much fun in my lab

*went to a lot of free stuff with steph...

*pierced my ears!

*let go of some things :)

*passed my prospectus defense!

*moved into a cute townhouse and made some new friends!

*was reunited with mission friends (including reunions, a roadtrip back to SEATTLE, a trip to california to see Diane, skype sessions with asia, and other fun times)...

*and other dear friends!

*made a lot of mistakes, felt lonely at times, got frustrated with myself, had financial worries and learned how expensive adulthood is (but of course spent way too much money on country music on itunes), and was once again reminded life doesn't always go as planned! yet still genuinely happy. how?

*missed the parents A LOT, but grew closer as a family!