Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mom and dad in the MTC!

well i just got back from dropping off my parents at the MTC! we took the classic pictures by the Provo temple and then drove them in.  Turns out the people there are amazing and memorize all the mission presidents' faces. We pulled into the MTC and the man said "Welcome President and Sister Gibbons!" He then asked how they felt about the recent call change to Russia (by the way, I don't think I ever blogged about that. My parents' call was changed from the Arkansas Little Rock Mission to the Russia Novosibirsk Mission!! A big surprise that feels really right!).  Everyone was so kind.  Luckily we will still see them a few more times before they ship off to Siberia, so this morning was more fun than sad.  They will be there for 5 days, come home for a couple, then return for a few weeks to learn Russian while they wait for visas. Here are some pics from the day!

GRRRR it's not letting me add pictures...weird...i will have to try again later!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

proof that i was the brunt of all the jokes in jr high and high school! haha

so i'm home this weekend, and i noticed my old yearbooks on the shelf so i pulled them out to take a look.  turns out, starting in 9th grade, 95% of people's notes include some kind of short joke...seriously. it made me laugh. here are some of my favs...some are nicer than others haha

9th grade:

"Liz, eat your spinach cause it makes you grow" - jeremy

"Liz is short" - andrew glenn (yup that's all it said haha)

"You are the coolest person that is of short stature that i know" - ryan haver

"sad to think how bad i could waste you any day any time" -justin turner (haha ok so that one doesn't reference my height but i thought it was hilarious) 

"liz, you're too tall" - christopher sirstins (again, that's all it said haha)

"get shorter liz, you're too tall" - josh s.

"you are so short" - archie ( you remember..."why do you call him archie??" "CUZ THAT'S HIS NAME!!" haha)

"...I heard the high school guys go for the short gals . . ." - kenzie coburn (thanks kenz!! trying to make me feel better haha)

"liz, you have really small fingers hehehe" - jeff dawson

"liz, how did you get so short?" - caleb burrell

"hi liz, you're so tall! you need to shrink during the summer" - mitch cannon

"liz, you are small, so i shall write big!" - megan

"have fun this summer and grow up!" - dan reschke

10th grade:

"liz! we're going to hang out right? YOU'RE SHORT! jk" - jon hart

"hey liz, i think that you should grow a little over the summer" - jeff dawson

"liz - your short. grow some" - anonymous

"liz, life is short and so R U" - riley dehaan

"you and eric lee should date because you're the same height" - jordan

"liz, i won't make any short jokes . . ." - marianne cannon (thanks mari! haha)

". . . oh and i hope the summer isn't too SHORT for you . . ." - dan reschke

"hey liz, you would be cooler if you weren't so short . . ." - don ford

"liz . . . DON'T GROW!" - eric evans

" . . . don't forget to grow so u can see ova da steering wheel." - troy

"liz, maybe you could make it easier on yourself and just be tall next year!" - mitch cannon

"hey liz, hope you grown some more this summer. wait what am i saying? some more? you need to start growing to grow some more. Oh well, you're still the greatest" - matt mantyla

11th grade:

"liz, i would use a short joke, but i think i used them all. wait, except for the one about the wizard of oz calling about try-outs for the lollie-pop-guild. but thats ok." - dan reschke

i could go on and on, but i think you get the idea :) haha i just had to share the laughs with you all.