Saturday, July 30, 2011

the blog drought is over

well it's been life has just been way too exciting i haven't had time to blog about it haha. jk mostly i'm just lazy.  then it gets overwhelming because there's so much i haven't blogged about, how can you ever choose?? so i'm just going to start with recent happenings.

#1: i am creating this blog post on my brand new LAPTOP!!! so this is an excellent opportunity to explain how liz works when it comes to purchasing big items.  i don't do it often. but once in a while i really need something (or sometimes i just really want something). sometimes it takes me a few days to talk myself into it, but i'm pretty good at that.  THEN i call mom.  and i tell her i really want to buy something but feel like i shouldn't spend the money.  but she's also pretty good at telling me i deserve it haha.  then once mom gives me the ok, i feel great about it. this was no exception. i started realizing how my old old desktop was dying. i started thinking of all the reasons my life would be easier with a laptop. the winners were: i'm going to be a lot busier in the fall so i can get more of my dissertation project done wherever i am, i can take it to class and take notes on it, and i can skype with my family as we're scattering from utah to texas to SIBERIA.  then i called the parents, and they were all for it. so that very day i took abby to best buy with me. i was just going to look, but once i found one, BAM i just had to get it. so i did.  so now i feel really tech-savvy and up to date with my new computer! LOVING IT.  well there ya go i've managed to go on and on for a full paragraph when i could've just said "i bought a new laptop"

#2: i am officially walking like a grandma. i really think tomorrow i will not be able to move at all. why you ask? because this morning i ran a half marathon with my pops in 1 hour and 55 minutes! this was my third one of the year, and usually i don't think too much about my time. but today we had a goal to get under 2 hours. we started out running with the 2 hour pacer, but felt claustrophobic in the crowd so broke ahead. we were somehow able to stay ahead of them the whole time and ended up averaging an 8:42 mile! this was my favorite half marathon course i've done because we started about 8 miles up american fork canyon and go to run down as the sun was coming up. it was GORGEOUS. i'm kind of a weirdo and i can listen to just about any kind of music when i run as long as i enjoy it. today my ipod was on shuffle and "praise to the Lord the almighty" came on in the canyon, and i couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful this world is! other memorable songs that popped up on shuffle....i was getting pretty tired around mile 10 when "where you lead i will follow" by carole king came on (the gilmore girls theme song!) which reminded me of my roommates and helped me keep going....then at mile 12 (when i really thought i couldn't keep going but duh it's mile 12 so of course you can do one more mile) "every step of the way" by david benoit came on, which just made me happy because it reminds me of riding up the canyon in my dad's old convertible when i was a kid. anyway there's a sampling of the random songs i listen to when i run haha. some people think i'm weird, but that's ok because weird people have more fun. anyway pops and i were super proud of our time!! my roommate steph finished in like 1:45 so i think she is wonderwoman. maybe someday i will be that fast. here are some pics of the event!