Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows!

This week I moved 5 jobs from the "to apply" column to the "applied" column! I'm feeling pretty productive. I have applied to various jobs in...

*New York

Too bad it's not like the mission where someone chooses for me. :) It'd be nice to just open an envelope and know it's right. Here comes the months of decision! I'm excited for life's next adventure!!! In the meantime...back to analyzing my data...and writing a dissertation...


I flew straight from Seattle, Washington to the other end of the country...Washington DC to interview to be a professor at a university in Kazakhstan! I was only there for about 24 h, but I used every minute I could to see the sights. I'll be honest, I fell in love with DC and would LOVE to go back. I felt super cool getting to be an expert at the metro and going wherever I wanted to go.

The interview was a really great experience and I felt like it went well! We will see...


BYU doesn't get spring break. I went out of town for a week anyway. I roadtripped with old friends (the Murris and Cannons) back to SEATTLE!! Nothing can top a super great group of people partying it up in my favorite city. Going to Seattle always feels like going home. I didn't have time to visit a tenth of the people I would have wanted to, but I cherished the small amount of visiting I did have. It was always AWESOME to get to visit some places I'd never been to and experience more of that beautiful area. There was much laughing, driving, poem-reading, singing in the car (in perfect harmony...of course it was the Murris and Cannons!), staying up late, ferrying, watching movies, chatting, playing games, kayaking in the puget sound, visiting Pike's Place, visiting Leavenworth, taking pictures of us sleeping everywhere (random tradition that started the first day), dancing, and eating! Yay for my fake spring break and good friends!!

when Mama came to town!

I feel like my Mom's recent trip to the good ol' US of A deserves a larger shout-out on my blog than it has gotten up to this point...

Life is so much better with Mom's hugs, face-to-face (hahaha I just typed face-to-Tace by accident...only the fam will appreciate this) Mom chats, Mom's pieces of cake as big as your head, and Mom's laugh. MISS YOU MAMA!!! 

new talent!

Presenting Liz...the front flipper....