Monday, April 30, 2012

tulip festival!

sometimes you need a roommate day. sometimes this includes pretty gardens full of tulips, waterfalls, etc. sometimes you find a coupon that gives you $2 off the entrance fee and it makes it even better. sometimes you wish you were better at photography so you could have captured the beauty...but you enjoy the pics you took anyway...

yes please!

once upon a time i got an email from turbotax. they told me they had made a mistake and that some people would be getting a refund. they said if i thought i might fall in this category, i should fill out an online request. i remember thinking it was only like $6, but i filled it out anyway...because who doesn't want an extra $6?? well GUESS WHAT. they just emailed me and said i qualified for a $37 refund!! YES PLEASE. and then i lived happily ever after. the end.

the lightning cubs

so one reason i love my roommate steph is that she signs us up for random stuff i would never think of. like how she signed us up to be volunteer soccer coaches for a team of 1st and 2nd grade girls for provo city. (we don't tell the little ones that i'm not that great at soccer!) it has been a BLAST. these 10 little girls have won their way into my little heart. of course i still get frustrated when they have attitude, or sit down on the field when the ball is on the other side of the field, or get tangled up in the net while they're playing goalie and can't get out when the ball is coming toward them, or when they get mad when i put them on defense, or have a hard time focusing...but we love 'em anyway. :) one gem: "hey liz guess what!! i have a boyfriend...but we're not going to kiss until we're 26!" sounds like a good age!

here's us after our only win so far...

dusting off my dance shoes!

So friday night was amazing. I dusted off my ballroom dancing shoes with the row of rhinestones that I love (here's a pic of little 19-year-old Liz showing them off) ...
and headed to the Murray Arts Center with a group of about 20 people from my ward! K imagine band...the sweetest old couples you've ever seen dancing like champs...twinkle lights...the works. And I danced. I danced until my feet hurt! And I loved it :) Cha cha, swing, west coast, waltz, viennese waltz (or rather Jay and I faked a viennese waltz while singing "Once upon a dream" from sleeping beauty...good times), foxtrot, a funny made-up comical dance routine with Riley to some song about margaritas... and I even went back to my stake dance days and did the electric slide. Nothing like collapsing in bed after leaving it all out on the dance floor :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

stream of consciousness...

just smeared a bug across my computer screen :(

steph's fan is blowing in the next room... it's getting HOT at night... summer :)

michael buble is wooing me as usual

a clean room makes everything happy

finished reading "blink" tonight... now i keep studying everyone's facial expressions to read their minds and wondering what everyone's first impression of me is... short? nerdy?

tonight i will dream of sPLA2, patman, phospholipid tails, and finishing my paper this week

it's hard to remember to clock in and out after you've been on salary for 8 months

reading emails from jenny makes me miss my little ones and wish i could give them a squeeze

why do i stay up so late? i blame it on my mother's genes

speaking of mumsy and popsicle, getting excited for siberia in august! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

new addiction


it's taking over my life....

Friday, April 20, 2012


(1) I PASSED MY COMPREHENSIVE EXAM!!! basically this means my coursework is complete and i am officially a PhD candidate! sounds official eh? so now i only have my dissertation left to complete. psh that will be cake ;) currently, writing this paper takes up most of my day...

Gibbons E, Pickett KG, Streeter MC, Warcup AO, Nelson J, Judd AM, Bell JD

(2) with the semester over I get to do research full time for the summer! i'm super lucky because i got a fellowship with the BYU Cancer Research they basically pay me more money than i would usually make to do the same research i would have done anyway! lucky me. (oh and they took me out to lunch at la jolla groves in the Riverwoods...BEST. SALMON. EVER....oh and the bathrooms were pretty shnazzy as well...bonus)

(3) I may or may not have tripped on like 3 chairs at once the other day while i was all alone in the lab. i may or may not have fallen HARD CORE all the way to the ground, right on my knee. i may or may not have a huge black bruise on that knee.

(4) my bro-in-law ryan and i decided which half marathon we're going to do this summer! the hobbler half marathon (no pun intended) is 12 weeks away so this was my first week of training! I've run 3 out of 4 days this week so i'm feeling pretty heroic. saturday  i'm running a 5k with steph in payson for her school so hopefully i can beat my sad rex lee run 5k time from march. (sidenote: it's super depressing to start running again after you've been slacking. hopefully my body will forgive my recent neglect)

(5) so i get asthma when i'm running...but the more i run the better it gets and it usually only lasts about 1 mile. who cares though...the funny part is what i think about when i'm running with asthma, all i can picture is a diagram dr. judd drew me of a glob of mucous in my airways hanging there making it harder for me to exhale. we called it the loogie explanation and got a good laugh out of it (because i wondered why mucous in the airway wouldn't prevent inhalation as much as exhalation ... turns out there's this thing called gravity making the loogie hang the way it does). disgusting i know. sorry about that. i may or may not have drawn this on the board during my final review for the physiology lab i TA. good times.

(6) one of the highlights of this week:
we got to meet the Guschins! they are my parents' good friends in Novosibirsk and were visiting the United States from Russia for their daughter's graduation. we had such a fun visit with them...they were so kind. it made me happy to feel a little more connected to my parents since they seem a world away. it made it more real that they're actually in Russia. a favorite quote from Brother Guschin: "your father IS russian...he is a russian man." :) so proud of my jukie and pops.

(7) When i was growing up, my mom would always make the 4 girls matching Easter dresses. they were usually the same pattern but different colors. it seems like annie was always blue, jenny always pink, and then abby and i were purple, yellow, or green or something. we were pretty cute. if i had old pictures on my laptop i'd put one on for your viewing pleasure. since i DON''s one from THIS year :) some things never change...

(8) did i mention i bought a fedora? sometimes i'm random like that.

(9) i finally applied for my passport so i can go to Russia in August!! SO EXCITED.

(10) so i was just looking up something on Craig's List...and thought this was funny/weird. sorely tempted though. enjoy...

My name is Mike and I'm looking to do some physical labor for anybody who needs it. Why am I offering this? Lifting weights is incredibly boring! I'd much rather help somebody move a bunch of bricks, dig a hold, pull some weeds/plants etc. The catch is it's gotta be something that will give me a good sweat so I can get a work out. I'm 6'3" and a big strong guy, so give me something difficult! I need to do this! Give me a call anytime, leave a message if I'm not there. I teach piano so that's the recorded message you'll hear when you call. Thanks!

Monday, April 16, 2012

cure for a bad mood

1) wake up at 7:30
2) run 3.4 miles with a cute friend
3) stretch
4) take a hot shower while blasting James Taylor (and singing along of course)
5) throw in a load of laundry
6) read the word of God
7) wear neon yellow shoes

loving today. the end.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter thoughts

I'm a little late for Easter, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the Savior.
This week I've had a lot of time to reflect on my experiences with Him.
With both my roommates gone for spring break, the house has been really quiet...perfect for pondering.

First, I know He lives.
He lived, died, rose from the tomb, and lives today.
My Grandpa Glenn passed away ten years ago on Easter morning.
I know my grandpa has watched over me...especially on my mission.
I know resurrection is real and a gift to all.
This allows us to be reunited with our loved ones after our time here is done.

Second, I know He knows and loves me.
He has shared my joys.
He understands my pain.
He is as real to me as any friend on earth...maybe more so.
He has been there when I felt utterly alone.
He has filled the holes in my heart.
His peace cannot be replicated.
I know my pain is small compared to so many, but I know He understands it all.
His Atonement can heal anything, no matter how deep.
When I haven't understood others' pain or known how to help them, 
He has allowed me to feel His love for them...
and that changes everything.

Third, I know He paid for my sins.
He is infinitely patient with me...
with my stubbornness, pride, weaknesses, and slow learning curve.
He has welcomed me with open arms after I haven't acted the way I know to be right.
He has forgiven me and changed my heart.
His love and mercy make me want to be better.
Through His grace, He slowly shapes me into who I can become.
He gives me power to do things I cannot do on my own.

For these reasons, I will love Him forever.
For these reasons, I try to follow Him.
I'm not perfect at it, but that's why He is there in the first place.

Happy Easter :)