Thursday, January 2, 2014

my 2013!

The years go by so fast now, I must be getting old! Here is a look at a year in the life of Liz...

 I GOT A NEW NEPHEW! Meet Ivan :) I was lucky to meet this little man in the hospital and visit him in the NICU.

 I got my hair professionally dyed for the first time! Thanks for the birthday present Steph!

 I turned 26!

 My mama visited from Siberia!!!!

Steph and I coached another girls soccer team! Here we are watching "The Big Green" for our team party. GREAT group of girls.

I planned some epic ward activities.

I went back to my other home (SEATTLE!) with friends.

I want to Washington DC to interview for a professorship in Kazakhstan! Not many people can say that. ;)

I visited Philadelphia for the first time and presented some of my research.

I visited Zions with a great group of friends and hiked Angels Landing for the first time.

I organized an EPIC Mario Kart tournament with my friend Mary and ended up beating all the boys!

I ran another half marathon, this time with my brother Josh and some of my girlfriends.

I visited the Bosters in San Antonio and met another NEW NEPHEW! Meet Oliver. :)

I had an interview for a teaching position in upstate New York and got to visit the SACRED GROVE. One of my new favorite spots on earth.

I started dating THE Ben Bailey. Lucky Me.

I successfully defended my DISSERTATION!

I presented my Education Research in Minneapolis!

Ben and I roadtripped with his parents to John Day, Oregon to meet his new nephew and hang out with his brother's cute family.

I started teaching math and science at a boarding high school for troubled teens.

I graduated with my PhD!!!!

I started teaching at BYU as an adjunct professor!

Steph, Stuart, Ben, and I roadtripped to St. George and Las Vegas. Yes, we saw THE BACKSTREET BOYS live.

We went camping and hiking for Ben's birthday!

Ben and I went to Moab with Garret and Shalene to do some canyoneering!

And LOTS of fun family time! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New person or via FaceTime/Google Hangout. So grateful for family!

Other Random 2013 Adventures...
Ride in a four-seater plane!


Jazz Game!

Meeting Imagine Dragons backstage with Steph.

Drag Races with Tahlia

Taylor Swift concert with Steph


Good times in the lab

Reunited with Donna!

Brad Paisley!

Catching up with old friends.

2013, you sure were good to me!! I think I will always remember 2013 as the year the Lord cleared my path for me. :) With 12 months of job searching, it's amazing how He opens the perfect doors. I know He will do the same in 2014. 


{allison} said...

Liz! High-five for having great 2013's! Best year ever. PS...let's hang out, I haven't seen you in forever!

Linda Flores said...

THAT is a top notch year. Congrats on EVERYTHING!!

Tracy said...

Girl! I adore you. I'm so glad that I was a part of your 2013.... even though I didn't make it into some of the event photo's. ha ha. Girl I love you. The end.

Daniel Bay Gibbons said...

Dear Wibby: this is a huge "Daddy Payday" to read! I love you and miss you! Love, Popsy

Tasharoo said...

What a FABULOUS year!!! Can't wait to see what is in-store for you in 2014!! Shoot for the stars Liz!!